Frequently Asked Questions


What is Spellbound Book Box?

Spellbound Book Box is a monthly subscription box containing one new release and around five bookish goodies. 

What's inside?

 Every month, you will receive a brand new, handpicked YA release. We strive to find the best books we can so that you have the chance to read something incredibly special. In addition to the release, we include around 4 bookish items. These items range from month to month, so you'll always be receiving something new.  

How are the boxes priced?

For a one month subscription, boxes are 34.95, for a three month subscription, boxes are 101.85 (33.95 per month), and for a six month subscription, boxes are 197.70 (32.95 per month)

What if I receive the same book in another subscription box service? 

We totally understand any disappointment that may arise from receiving the same book twice. Unfortunately, sharing books with another subscription box is something that we can not control. We choose our books sometimes even months in advance, so most of the time, we can't tell if this is a book that many subscription boxes will choose or not.  

How do I order one box instead of a subscription? 

If you would like to purchase a one time box (meaning that it will not renew for the following month), just click "shop" from our website header and you can find a listing for our single purchase box. 

How much does shipping cost? 

We charge a flat rate of $8.25 for all US citizens, however the cost for international customers depends on where you live (just enter your shipping information in the checkout, and it will auto-generate!)

When will my box ship?

Boxes typically ship on the third week of every month. However, if there is something delaying this (ex. delayed box items) we'll notify you to the best of our ability by posting on our Instagram and sending out emails. 


When will I be charged?

If this is your first time buying a box or if you are purchasing any item from our ship, you will be charged immediately. If this is a renewal, you will be charged on the 28th of the month. 

What are the payment options?

We currently accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal as a method to pay for any of the products on our website. 

If I cancel my subscription, how do I ensure that I am not charged and shipped the following month's box?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, please do so before our renewal date of the 28th (though I would suggest canceling it prior to that to be safe). 


Would you be able to send a box in exchange for a review?

Unfortunately, we do not accept direct requests to be a Instagram rep for our company. However, we are planning to have rep searches every once in a while on our Instagram, where everyone is open to join. Reps will receive boxes every month in exchange for reviews, etc. We do accept box requests for review for both bloggers and Youtubers, so if you are interested in that, send us the link to either your blog or Youtube (pageview etc. statistics are always helpful) to 

I think my product would be a really great fit for your box! How do I get my items in your crate?

We'd love to consider you for one of our future boxes! Just email with a subject line of "vendor inquiry" and we'll take a look. In the email, be sure to include information about your business, any links towards a shop of yours/etc., and your rates. 

Are you ready to subscribe to Spellbound Book Box?

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